mtvU's Against Our Will Launches New Challenge; $10,000 Up for Grabs!

Photo: Georgia Southern Winners (Lindsey Sequeira)

Last fall, we teamed up with Slavery Footprint on a challenge that called on college students nationwide to take Slavery Footprint’s online story-driven survey that helps determine your contribution to forced labor, and then empowers you to do something about it. Students at over 170 universities got involved, taking almost 15,000 actions to earn Free World points. Today, we’re pleased to announce that the winner of the challenge is Georgia Southern University. The top students from Georgia Southern will be headed to the 2012 Woodies – though the location hasn’t been announced yet, we’ve heard that it’s going to be a pretty awesome trip.

Today, we’re announcing a new challenge for college students. The Against Our Will Challenge is an opportunity for all you creative minds out there to put your heads together and come up with a great idea for an innovative digital tool to help end modern-day slavery. You can compete on your own or in a group of up to five classmates. The best part? The winning idea will receive a $10,000 prize furnished by LexisNexis – AND will become a key part of the mtvU Against Our Will campaign. Get thinking, and get started at

WATCH: Need inspiration? Check out Danielle, a student at Loyola Maryland who’s doing great things on her campus to raise awareness of modern-day slavery.