Host a Slavery Footprint Booth and You Could Win a Trip to the Woodies

There are just a couple of weeks remaining in the challenge! As you may have heard,mtvU’s Against Our Will campaign has teamed up with Slavery Footprint on a challenge that calls on college students nationwide to take a stand on modern-day slavery.

We’re asking students to get involved by taking the Slavery Footprint survey, signing up for the Campus Challenge, and then earning Free World points by taking action. Besides the warm fuzzy feelings you get by helping to make a real difference on the issue, the top ten students at the top university by the end of the year will also be rewarded with a trip to mtvU's annual college music award show, the Woodies!

Every week, we’ve been giving you tips on how you and your classmates can take action and start racking up Free World points. This week, try…

Hosting a Slavery Footprint booth/table at an event: 8 Free World points.

Now that the semester’s just about over, host a Slavery Footprint table at an end-of-semester event to raise awareness of modern-day slavery. Slavery Footprint is an engaging way to get people who might not know much about the issue to pay attention, and you might even be able to recruit people to your school’s Slavery Footprint Campus Challenge team! Here’s how to do it:

+ Figure out when.
Maybe there are parties to celebrate the holidays or the end of finals, or perhaps just setting up a table on campus before everyone takes off for the holidays will be a good way to attract attention.

+ Make sure you have materials.
If you have access to iPads or laptops through a student group, you can get people to take the Slavery Footprint survey right away at the booth. If not, consider creating flyers and posters about Slavery Footprint and modern-day slavery. You can find some sample materials on our Slavery Footprint site.

+ Get permission.
Make sure that you ask whoever’s hosting the event, whether it’s your university or a private group.

+ Attract attention.
On the day of the event, make sure you get friends to join you at the table – the more people that are there, the easier it will be to draw more people over and make sure everyone’s questions get answered. Depending on the event, you might also want to bring candy or baked goods to encourage people to stop by.

Once you’ve held your event, send a picture to campus(at), and your points will be assigned to your school!

Have you taken action to end modern-day slavery as part of the Slavery Footprint Campus Challenge? We would love to hear about it, and possibly feature you online! Email mtvU’s Against Our Will Campaign and tell us your story.