Slavery Footprint Campus Challenge: Ask a Professor to Take On Trafficking

Have you gotten involved with the Slavery Footprint Campus Challenge yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

As you may have heard, mtvU’s Against Our Will campaign has teamed up with Slavery Footprint on a challenge that calls on college students nationwide to take a stand on modern-day slavery. We’re asking students to get involved by taking the Slavery Footprint survey, signing up for the Campus Challenge, and then earning Free World points by taking action. Besides the warm fuzzy feelings you get by helping to make a real difference on the issue, the top ten students at the top university by the end of the year will also be rewarded with a trip to mtvU's annual college music award show, the Woodies!

Every week, we’ve been giving you tips on how you and your classmates can take action and start racking up Free World points. This week, try…

Contacting a professor and ask him or her to commit a lecture about modern-day slavery: 5 Free World Points

+Choose a professor
If you’re already in a class on human rights or human trafficking, this should be an easy one for you – just ask your professor to highlight the way that slavery lives on today. If not, no worries – modern-day slavery is relevant to a number of humanities topics, from history and English to gender studies.

+Talk to your professor
Visit your professor during office hours and let him or her know why this is an important issue to you, and why you think your class could benefit from a lecture on the topic. Reading novels set during the Civil War in English class? Ask your professor to illustrate how modern-day slavery relates to slavery in the past. Discussing gender relations? Suggest a lecture on sex trafficking and the role demand for paid sex plays in it.

+Provide action steps
On the day of the lecture, come prepared with ways that your classmates can take action (like joining the Slavery Footprint Campus Challenge.) They just might be fired up after the lecture and ready to get involved, so it’s a good time to recruit your fellow classmates and encourage them to take a stand.

Have you taken action to end modern-day slavery as part of the Slavery Footprint Campus Challenge? We would love to hear about it, and possibly feature you online! Email mtvU’s Against Our Will Campaign and tell us your story.